Thaddeus Squire

Thaddeus Squire

Chief Commons Officer, CultureWorks Commons Management

I work in the emerging field of nonprofit resource sharing, focusing on the arts and heritage ecosystem. A former musician and curator, I have found the greatest happiness as a social worker for arts and heritage practitioners—a gate opener, not a gate keeper. I believe that the solutions to our most persistent social problems are best solved by the charitable or “third” sector and not as readily by government or the private sector, though the latter have valuable roles to play. My work is grounded in the ideas of American Pragmatism, Common Pool Resource Economics, the Rochdale Principles, New Localism and the Applied Behavioral Sciences. Active projects that I have initiated include CultureWorks Greater PhiladelphiaHidden City Philadelphia, Community Arts & Heritage Stabilization Trust and the Philadelphia Society of Equitable Preservationists.

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