Bela Shehu

Bela Shehu


Bela Shehu + NINObrand


NINObrand designer Bela Shehu, is known to her devout following as a trinity of boundary pushing artist, technical engineer, and enlightening guru.  Born and raised near the Adriatic Sea in Albania, Bela forged art, clothing, and disruption from an early age, both out of divine drive and necessity.  Her experiences, and her reactions to those experiences, molded her into the truest form of creator. Truth, ingenuity, and flow became the pillars of Bela’s creative process across all mediums, and the foundation of NINObrand. It’s this ingenuity and energy that has made NINObrand Collectors call the brand their “uniform for life”, with garments that not only perform across all areas of life, but also inspire the wearer to be their best version of themselves.



Private School is a nexus of collaboration, a cultural movement for the curious and the creative. We produce moments, installations and events that bring together artists, makers, chefs, brands, and enthusiasts to the spaces designed and created for them.

Private School creates ephemeral experiences to forge lasting relationships within the creative community. We design and curate experimental interactive retail spaces that entice/delight the senses. We connect artists, designers, makers, chefs, musicians, filmmakers, speakers, tastemakers, and early adopters thirsty for fresh and stimulating moments. We continue the conversations and grow the community online.