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This will be a daylong event meant to celebrate all that is Philadelphia at this moment in time. It is often said that we are in the midst of a great renaissance of culture, new business, population growth and the highly coveted increase in both national and international tourism. Why is this? How did this happen? What does it mean? What should be celebrated and what should be revised.

The speakers and performers for this event were all chosen because they have a very specific and unique Philadelphia story. Our goal was to present active and engaged citizens of our city that were committed to being a part of the solutions that can help this city continue to grow but flourish in a way that supports every demographic, every culture and every person. We will always be a city of us and them unless we move towards becoming a more collaborative and cooperative community. These independent and thoughtful voices will help open our minds to celebrate our futures, learn from our past and create a stronger, more unified present in an untraditional theatrical format.


In partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Culinary Literacy Center

The Philadelphia Breakfast Club (TPBC) is a new organization dedicated to helping teach and train Philadelphia children the basics of making a healthy breakfast. TPBC seeks to build confidence and purpose in our young students through a simple curriculum, focused on getting a nutritional start to the day and teaching self reliance. As part of the program, each student will receive their own skillet, mixing bowl, spatula, measuring cups and a 10 recipe cook book. TPBC will also actively promote larger breakfast and learning events thoughout the city of Philadelphia.



The vast majority of conferences, seminars and learning engagements are presented without much technical flair and theatricality. We aim to change that. Our event will be 4 x 90 minute sessions that are a melange of art, music, information, presentation and theater. We will begin with breakfast and networking at 8AM. This will be a highly coordinated, precise and punctual affair.

Real Talk

Come hear Philadelphia speak for itself

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